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Reach the next level in the entire global gaming market by purchasing this easily identifiable domain name that could have very strong and sustainable forward value. 

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Purpose +

Domain Name Sale

Significant High-Profile Potential

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Overview +

This domain name encompasses the entire (lottery-based) global lotto gaming industry.


As reported by Yahoo! News, PRNewswire, GlobeNewswire, Business Insider and numerous other sources, the Global Lottery Market is expected to grow by nearly ~$195 billion USD by 2025.




Characteristics +

First Registration: 2004-02-05

Current Owner: Original Registrant

Extension: .com (The Most Important Top-Level Domain Extension)

Language: English (US)

Length: 12 Characters

Key Names: #1 – Lotto, #2 – Engines

Composition: 2 Short Key Names ((#1) 5 Characters + (#2) 7 Characters)

Recognition: Key Name #1 – High

Recognition: Key Name #2 – High

Phonetics: Perfect

Hyphenation: None

Carrying Costs: Low Annual (or Multi-Year) Domain Name Renewal Fee




Reference +

Individual sales and valuations of (Characteristics) key names #1 and #2 above, as reported by Top Notch Domains, LLC (, and estimated by respectively were:


LOTTO.COM last sold for $2,680,000 USD in 2017.

ENGINES.COM has been valued at up to ~$55,000+ USD.


The combined sale value of key names #1 and #2 was $2,735,000. This figure was highlighted to emphasize how valuable and important name composition and recognition is. A full buildout of could have the potential to reap significant short-term and long-term financial, investment, monetization and related benefits on a major scale, that could rival any digital identity.


Absolutely NO guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind regarding the potential, estimated, actual or real value of or any derivatives thereof, are expressed or implied. All claims, assertions, estimates, projections and the like regarding and its current and future worth and performance are nothing more than non-binding opinions and/or observations, when and where applicable.




Monetization +

Brandable | Marketable | Recognizable | Memorable

Suitable for all things Lotto and Lottery Gaming Technology, Random and Pseudorandom Number Generator (RNG, PRNG); Management, Process, Policy, Legal, Strategy, Contracts, Solution, Platform, Research, Influencer, Competition, Alliance, Partnership, Affiliation; Selection(s), Public, Private and Government Sector(s), and more.



Popularity +

As has been widely reported, there are more than 180 (officially sanctioned) lotteries in operation around the world. Some of the top lotto operators and games in existence include:


Powerball | Mega Millions | EuroMillions | Irish Lotto | UK Lotto | elGordo | Japan Jumbo | 649




Observations +

A shortlist includes:




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